How I almost burned our house to the ground

by Courtney on May 16, 2009


burned taco shell remnants

Dinner tonight was sort of a fend-for-yourself kind of deal.  I decided to use the leftover chicken and taco shells from taco night and make a taco salad (I’m going to throw a fourth “taco” in just for the fun of it!).  Look at me, using up leftovers!  So I put the taco shells in the toaster oven to warm them a bit, then I went to pull them out after just a minute or two, and that’s when it happened…one of the taco shells fell through the rack and landed on the heating element.  It took roughly 3 milliseconds for that taco shell to burst into flames. 

I was standing there, staring in disbelief at this flaming taco shell.  Matt was in the living room with Nate, and I think I said something like, “Ummm, could you come here and help me?”  He then starts walking toward the kitchen, and I turn around and head his way in order to take Nate so that he could attend to the fire in the toaster oven.  He asked me what was wrong and I said, “Just go over there.”  At no point did I say the words “fire” or “toaster oven”. 

And let me tell you, that puppy was definitely on fire and was giving Matt the hardest time.  It took him a few tries to finally get the fire out, but while he was working on it I think I mentioned to him no less than three times that he should get the fire extinguisher.  For a taco shell.  That was on fire.  In a tiny toaster oven.

So, kids, here’s the lesson: Use the little baking pan that comes with your oven and avoid placing food directly on the rack.  Especially if your food item was at one point soaked in oil.  Also, when it’s fend-for-yourself night for dinner, just have a bowl of cereal.       

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julielynn May 18, 2009 at 2:14 pm

OMG. I am laughing SO hard, because I did the EXACT same thing, only with a tostada shell. I put it in, left the kitchen, and came back in to see flames coming out of the toaster oven and licking the bottoms of the cabinets. Yikes!

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