The pool

by Courtney on July 3, 2012

This is Will.  As you may remember, I also have a son, Nate.  Nate is not in any of these pictures because we were at the pool, and there were other kids there to play with, and, well, he had better things to do than let mom take pictures of him!

When Nate was little, even younger than Will is now, I could call his name and he would look at me, sometimes he would even smile, but he was usually pretty cooperative when I had the camera out.  Not so with Mr. Will, here.  He can be pretty stubborn to begin with, but when he hears me call his name, he can somehow sense that I have my camera out, and he will just flat out ignore me and refuse to look at the camera.  Thus, it is very difficult to get good pictures of him!

But I tried to be sneaky this day, grabbing some photos when he wasn’t paying attention.  I also tricked him a little by telling him that I thought heard a cow “mooing”…I know, I know, but he actually looked at me for a few seconds while he thought about it and decided that I was full of it and there was no cow and no “mooing”!

Oh, and this kid is definitely a boy after my own heart….he is never too far from a snack!





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